Saturday, 20 March 2010

Free Lesbian Sex Stories - Fitting Room

Becky and me have been friends forever. I don't remember ever not being her friend. We grew up pretty close: played doctor, had boyfriends, got interested in sex about the same time. We even experimented together. We learned to kiss, touch, and make each other cum. I think we loved each other, though we wouldn't actually say it, because we still loved to be with men. It was just something about being with each other that was so comforting and fun. We knew how to make each other cum as no one else had been able to. I must admit, that I did like having sex with her. It didn't happen all the time, but when it happened, we made the best of it.

The other thing that brought Becky and I closer together is shopping. We love to shop. I hear all women do, but a lot of the women I know, hate it. They don't just hate paying for what they buy; they hate going from store to store to find what they are looking for. I think that is the best part of going. It's great to compare prices and find what I want. Becky usually goes with me at least once a week. It's our day out together.

This week our day out was on Wednesday. We both got the day off work, so we headed out to the mall with credit cards in hand. This time, shopping would end up a little more exciting than usual.

It was hot that day and the stores were air conditioned. It felt good enough not to want to leave the store. Becky and I tried on a ton of outfits. Some of them looked very sexy on her. She went into the lingerie department and got a bra that was cut nearly in half of the cup, so her breasts stuck out the top and a garter belt that she put on without panties. I put on a little baby doll outfit with nothing underneath. She snuck into my dressing room to show me what she looked like. Wow, did she look awesome. Without thinking about it, I put my face between her breasts to smother myself in them. They were large and the nipples were hard. I brushed my cheek against the nipple, then brought my mouth to it. I nibbled lightly, while letting my hands rub them. She tilted her head back to enjoy my touch. I began to lick down her body, as she put her foot up on the bench to open herself up for my touch. I ran my hand between her legs to play with her pussy. She was already wet for me. I rubbed her clit, circling it with my fingers, then dipping inside of her. I wanted to taste her so bad.

"Sit down and spread your legs for me," I told her. She did as I asked, and I kneeled on the floor between her legs, spreading them wide. I could smell her sweet excitement for me, as I half wondered if anyone would notice us in there. I didn't want to get caught until at least we got off together.

"Baby, eat me," Becky said, reaching between her legs to spread her pussy lips apart.

"You are so sexy." I put my face to her sweetness. My tongue went right to the little bulb that begged for my attention. It was already swollen, so I could tell she ached for it. As she squirmed over my mouth, I licked at her clit and pushed my finger as deep inside her as I could. She moaned nearly so loud that I thought someone would hear her.

"Make me cum," she whispered. Her own hands played with her breasts as I continued to eat her, lick her, and make her wiggle in pleasure. I could taste the deep sweetness of her approaching orgasm. "I'm cumming," she said, softly between her deep breaths. Oh, she tasted so good. I was so wet from making her cum. Her excitement filled me with pleasure. It was a joy to know how I could make her feel.

"Becky, please do the same for me. My pussy aches for you," I told her, after she stopped squirming.

She got behind me as I leaned over the bench. "Want my dildo in you?" She asked me. Believe it or not, Becky always carried this strap on dildo in this giant bag she called a purse. She said that a person could never be too prepared.

"Yes, Becky, fuck me. I need it so much." I waited only a moment while she strapped it onto herself and then I heard her turn on the vibrator in it. I was sure glad it was not noisy but at that point, I didn't care. She rubbed it over my clit as I arched my back for her. What a sensation. It felt so good, I could barely believe it, and knowing that we might be caught was part of the thrill. I rocked with her, so it would rub over my clit until it drove me to near orgasm, then she plunged it deep into my pussy. I wanted to yell, but I knew I couldn't.

Becky reached around and played with my clit, as she fucked me hard and fast. It was so hard to be quiet and keep control.

"Cum," Becky whispered in my ear. "Please cum."

I began to shake all over, my nipples grew hard. My orgasm went through my entire body. I tried so hard not to moan, but a low groan escaped me. It was a good thing that no one else was in there, except the clerk.

Once I calmed down, Becky and I got dressed in our normal clothing, and walked out of the dressing room.

"Was it satisfying?" The clerk asked with a grin.

Becky and I looked at each other and smiled. "We will take these outfits," Becky said. «

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